Monday, February 7, 2011

* Black Bean Soup

My mom can make soup.  She is a soup person.  She takes ham hocks, or whole chickens, or a bag of mixed beans and creates delicious soups.  What? You have some onions, cream, and bacon that needs used up... Bam.. she has made you a soup... I am not exaggerating.  And the soups, they taste amazing!!  I have friends that rave about her Italian Wedding Soup (this is my ALL time favorite!!), and some of her friends think that she should open up her own soup and sandwich shop (she would do great!!)..

I on the other hand, can't make soup.  At all.  I have successfully opened a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup and heated that up in the microwave!! That is as far as my soup making culinary skills go... sad isn't it?!?!

I like black bean soup.  I have been wanting to try making it for a while, and it just so happens that I have Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen Cookbook, and in it is a recipe for black bean soup that I thought I would try making! 

It looks OK, I guess.  Not like soups I have ordered at Restaurants.... It tasted horrible! I am not posting the recipe, I do not doubt Rick's recipe, but I did something wrong.  I didn't have chorizo sausage so I used spicy Italian... and after it was done, and I tasted and didn't care for it - I added a little bit of chicken stock to think it out some... chipolte pepper in adobe and a little bit of cream.. nothing worked.  It just didn't taste good (even after the addition of the cheese and sour cream)!!

Oh well.. just gotta try, try, try again!!  If you have any tried and true recipes for black bean soup, please share them!

On another note.. Please check out Sing for your supper and read this post!! Each click she gets is money towards the local Animal Rescue!! Also, check out this post on Marx Foods Blog and vote for A Happy Girl and Loving Life's Berry Lightning!!

Happy Eating!!


  1. Looks good to me, but sorry it did not turn out for you...I will checkout your links :)


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