Monday, September 13, 2010

* A Happy Girl and Loving Life... What it's all about...

What is it all about???   Learning, Love, and Food!!

Do you remember what the first food thing you every made was??  When I was in first grade I made my mom "fresh squeezed juice" for breakfast in bed... It was basically water in a glass with cut up fruit, and a little bit of squeezed orange juice in it... lol, ya that was a nice little experiment!  I remember being in 8th grade and having a Home-Ec class, we learned how to make home made macaroni and cheese (I still use This recipe); I remember being so excited to prepare this recipe for my grandpa and mom at home!! Momma took me shopping for ingredients, and left the kitchen to me...  They both really liked it.

A lot of my food based memories revolve around my mom and grandparents!!  I learned so much from all of them.  Mom taught me how to experiment and play in the kitchen.  I always marveled at the way she could easily pick a few ingredients and throw them together and make something delicious!!  Gram taught me that there is no right way and wrong way to do something... (In our family we joke... "there is the right way, the wrong way, and fays way").  Pa taught me that no matter what, to keep trying... and that is what my blog does too! My blog is about learning and remembering that things don't always go right... But to keep at it.  I like to think that the recipes on my blog are pretty darn tasty, but you will find a few posts where the outcomes were flops.

This is a fairly new blog; I started it in February after my grandfather (aka "pa") passed away.  He played a big role in my life...  I am not some fantastic foodie, I am just me... Trying, Learning, and having fun with food. Pa always said "I don't eat to live, I live to eat"... and, well, I live by that.  He is what inspired me to start this blog; As a way to share my experiences, my recipes, and some happiness with others.  I wanted to keep the love alive.
(me and pa)

Along with learning (life experiences) and love (family and friends)... this blog focuses on food!!  I want to share with you all my experiences, whether it's a masterpiece or a flop.  Why, because that is life!! Nothing is ever picture perfect.. and neither am I, or my blog for that matter!!  Playing with food, experimenting, trying new things that you are too scared to try... these are all things that are encouraged here at A Happy Girl!! 

I will show you the good

the bad

and the ugly!!  

Keep Cooking, Keep doing what you love, what makes you happy! 
That's what it basically boils down to!!
A Happy girl, who is LOVING life!!

Happy Eating!!


  1. Nice job you Grandfather would be proud I'm sure :) Good luck, and have fun...

  2. I bet your grandfather is smiling big (and chuckling at that bread experiment...looks like a lot of my experiments)!

  3. A tribute to love is a great reason to blog! Food brings us all together.

  4. Nice post! Like you, I often think about my mom who passed away. I'm sure they are watching from afar...

  5. This is a lovely post and shows that happy, upbeat personality to a T. Best of luck in the competition!

  6. Lovely ... Lovely post!!!!!!
    Food and Family=happiness:)

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone!! Simple daisy- you said it best.. food and family equal happiness! Without a doubt!!

  8. This post made me smile and chuckle. I'm sure Pa would be proud of you - and your blog :)

  9. Voted! =} I enjoy your blog! I also have very great memories of my mom and grandmother that includes food! Your blog always brings warmth and happiness to my heart!

  10. What a great (and touching) post!! I just voted for you! Best of luck!!

  11. Great post and beautiful blog. You have my vote. Good luck in the competition.


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