Thursday, September 2, 2010

* The Great Bread Experiment...Fail! And.. Gone for a few days...

Yes, you read that correctly. Sadly, I do not have loaves upon loaves of fresh Sourdough to fill my belly! The good news, I get to head down to LBI this weekend... maybe see a hurricane!!

The sourdough starter was good up to day 5, Both starters No 2 and 3... Day 5 I added water and flour per the directions.. and then on the 6th day, they were ready to use, However Starter No. 3 (the Rye Starter) smelled really weird, It wasn't bubbling or looking "alive". So, I was left with one Starter, No. 2. I added a big helping of flour and water, let it sit over night (creating a sponge), then the next day add another big helping, remove 2 cups of it (place it in an airtight container and keep refrigerated-this would be your starter for the next sponge and batch of bread), with the remaining "sponge/starter" you add flour, rye flour, water.. ext, knead it.. let it sit.. and sit, and sit... It was suppose to raise. It didn't. It was a super (SUPER) sticky mess!! I don't know what the heck I did, but that wasn't bread dough.. that was the blob or something from outer space!! It would attach to my skin and not let go!! I was in fear for my life!! OK, so I wasn't in fear of my life, but it was a pain in the "you know what" to get that "dough" ( I use this term loosely) off my hands!!

So now, I have to toss the starter that was left over that is in the fridge, and find a new option. I think I might briefly give up sourdough.. Not give it up as in never make it again, but just temporarily. Start with something easier than making my own starter.. ya know.. some quick breads or something like that..Here is where you guys can help me.. Please, Suggest an Easy, (fairly) Quick, and delicious bread recipe that I can try!! That would be great!! I look forward to reading comments that have multiple Bread Baking Options when I come back from Vacation!!

Yep!! I am going on a mini vacation!! The fellow and I are heading down to LBI to stay for a few days. His sister and her family rented a shore house for the week and we are going to go visit! I will be leaving work a little early tomorrow and heading down the shore, I think we are staying in Surf City.. Keep your fingers crossed the Earl doesn't hit land!!

 As of now, the hurricane will be out at see, when it passes Jersey it will only be a Tropical Storm...

I hope everybody has a safe and happy Labor day weekend!!!  And again, I am looking forward to checking out lots and lots of bread recipe's!!!

Happy Eating!!


  1. So sorry your bread didn't turn out. Enjoy your mini vacation!

  2. Poor thing, it really is awful when you work on something for hours much less days and it fails! I am sure you will get it eventually! Have fun on vaca!

  3. Be careful on your trip. Sourdough has always scared me...One of these days I am going to have to tackle it.

  4. It looks like a great weekend at LBI, the hurricane didn't do for an easy bread, I do the no knead bread method, its what I teach my girls, and bake at school, and its not quite sourdough but the longer you let the dough age (up to 14 days) it gets more sourdough mixes in 5 minutes.....recipe is on my blog
    hope you have a nice weekend!

  5. I hate it when a recipe doesn't turnout like it should..... grrrrrr.

    Hope you didn't get rained out on your vacation.

  6. Spent many nice weekends at Long Beach Island! Nothing like traveling the Garden State Parkway on a holiday weekend! We lived somewhat close by in the Toms River area. Hope you had a nice weekend! Sorry no bread recipes, I am kind of scared of baking bread!

  7. I've never made a starter before...I'm a little scared of them, to be honest. Hope you have a great vacation and avoid any bad weather! Looking forward to the recipes that will come with your return :)

  8. Oh no! Sadly, I am rather inexperienced in bread-making...wish I could help! My most recent loaf was from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. It turned out rather well, save there was a big air bubble in the middle that yielded some slices that looked like bagels! I called it low-carb :)

  9. Sorry about your bread...I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend :)

  10. I'm sorry things didn't go well. Have you been to the King Arthur site? They have a ton of breads of all kinds including a lot of quickbreads. Every time I go there I see like 20 things I want to bake. And also have you tried the famous NY Times no knead bread? Made it this summer and loved it!


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