Wednesday, September 8, 2010

* Busy Busy Busy!!

Hi Everyone!! LBI was great!!! The hurricane was no where in sight!! The sun was hot, the breeze was nice, I can't complain!! We had a great time!! Here are some photos of the past weekend..

This photo was taken Friday (in the town that I live) before going down to LBI. Typically the water does not come this far up the beach!!

Really, we didn't get too much of anything from the hurricane/tropical storm!!
Just a little windy and some high waves.

Surf City, on the other hand, didn't have anything like this on Friday!!  It was beautiful and warm!!  Saturday morning the fellow and I took his niece the shore, walked around, and picked up seashells... We also climbed up ol' Barney!!

I love lighthouses!! I just think they are the neatest things!! We climbed to the top (217 steps!!)-my calves were a bit sore after!! In the evenings we would walk down to the bay to see the sunset!

The water in this photo is up pretty high too! Apparently there is a beach there, but the water is covering it!!

The weekend also consisted of: walking everywhere (to the liquor store, Italian deli, Ice cream shop, Bay, Ocean...It was great! Everything was easy access!), Pina Coladas, Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Shrimp Cocktail, Corn on the cob, Steak, and bagels.

We also ordered wings from a place that we had seen on Man Vs. Food, It is called The Chicken or the Egg. They are suppose to have some super hot wings here! We didn't order the super hot ones, we tried the Killer Beesting (which is the 3th down from the hottest wing they serve), I didn't eat one, but I dipped my finger in the sauce. The sauce was tasty, it had a sweetness to it... I didn't think it was that hot (of course, I wasn't shoveling one after another in my mouth)! Man vs. Food also visited Hoffman's ice cream in Point! They have DELICIOUS Ice cream there!! If your in the area, check them out!!

I haven't really had time to make any new or exciting dishes, I haven't done much cooking at all lately.. so I thought I would share with you some things/blogs I have come across that I found interesting and/or neat!!

Food Substitution
Gutter Garden
Things to do with leftover wine bottles

And, as the title says.. I am a busy bee!! I will be gone for a few days this weekend also!! My little cousin just had a baby Girl!! She is the first great grandchild to be born!! So I will be making my way to West Virginia to visit her and the new little addition to our family!!

Happy Eating!!


  1. How nice to have so many joyous trips!

  2. That looks like a beautiful place! My Mom loves lighthouses - if she had her way we'd be living in one. Have a good trip to see the new baby!

  3. I totally understand how you feel...this short week is going by soo quick! Those pictures look like something out of a book...the little beach fence with the waves crashing. Sounds perfect with some PB ice cream!

  4. The beach looks gorgeous! Glad the hurricane missed you :)

  5. Such great lighting on the pictures. Thanks for the updates, busy but fun September!

  6. Lovely photos...and congratulations on the new family member :)


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