Tuesday, March 9, 2010

*Just call me Sandra Lee...and its Girl Scout Cookie Time!!

So, you might have noticed i mentioned Chocolate Mint brownies... well, they aren't home made (gasp!!). But, they ARE delicious and I have to write about them... They are.. Semi- Home made.. no not really.. they are from 2 different boxes...heck, ill dust them with some powdered sugar..that will make them "semi"-home made.. haha..

The two boxes that I write of are delicious on their own, but when mixed together, they combine to create something out of this world!! What are these magic boxes??

Ghirardelli Brownie Mix


Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

I suggest grabbing a box of each. Heck, I made sure to buy a couple boxes of girl scout cookies so I can freeze some to make them again and again!!

I make the brownies per the directions on the box.

I pour half the batter in to my baking dish, and then add one layer of the thin mints. (note: i use 1 pack (1/2 box) of thin mints for these brownies)

and cover with the rest of the batter. Throw it into the oven and then....wait...

These are the most delicious brownies ever! My boyfriend devours them!! Heck, we bought 6 boxes of thin mints this year just so we could freeze the thin mints and make a few batches of these yummy treats!! You won't regret trying this... then again, you might end up cursing me for introducing you to something you won't be able to stop eating!! Enjoy!
Happy Eating!!
~ Pup


  1. Excuse me while I drool. Yum!

    Note to self: Stock up on Girl Scout cookies next time they're available. As if I'm not enough of a chocoholic. Haha.

    I might blame you but then I'll also thank you and maybe come close to worshipping you for such a yummy treat. LOL

  2. Great idea. Now if only I could lay my hands on some of those cookies! They would be perfect for a dinner I'm going to this weekend.

  3. What a fabulous idea. I often put mint patties in my brownies, but the crunch of those cookies would be something else altogether. Thank you for the idea!!

  4. So smart! This looks like the perfect, simple brownie recipe!


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